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E) Conclusion

My deep belive is that the future of medicine is in observing the Man as unike, complex beeing whose existance, functioning and disregulations can not be looked upon only from the matherial aspect of view. Just contrary, it should be the aim of medicine to accept, promote and treat the Man as, primmarily, highly energetic beeing with a very complex cibernetic system inside himself as well as his close relations with his environment and laws of Nature.

It should be the task of modern medicine to dominantly promote health and not to be focused on diseases. Every medical step should be oriented towards rebalancing of organism and to enhance regulation possibilities and not to act just inhibitory and suppresive. It is also obvious that we can not neglect the importance of structure and biochemical aspect of human organism. Therefore, some procedures like surgery and urgent medicine had, have and will have a significant role among all treatements. But,besides these fields of medicine, there are a lot of fields which needs to be changed. A huge amount of daily increasing number of patients with chronic diseases need absolutely different aproach. An evaluation of chronic stress factors and revelation of their importance in the unfoldment of particular disease should be apsolutely a standard procedure. In this view, the significance of very sensitive bioelectronic testing methods (like Vega test ) will be higher as well as also very sensitive bioresonant treatements. I would also like to emphesise once again the psychospiritual work in dealing with our patients. My believe is that without deeper insight in this problematic we will not be able to permanently resolve any of chronic ailments.

The list of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures I gave in this article is just a proposal one. It is clear to me that there are different, but also very good, ways in achieving the same goal. This list could be of help for those who are on the threshold of “new medicine”, simply to make them easier the first insight in this topic. If only this would be the case, my task will be fulfilled.

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Dr Darko Marđetko