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Specialist in biophysical

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Vega Audiocolor - therapy using colours and sounds

Vega Audiocolor is a device for teraphy with frequences of polar colours and sounds. This method of healing is especially convinient for treatement of psychosomatic problems in the development of chronic diseases.

VEGA Audiocolor

VEGA Audiocolor

From the aspect of Functional medicine, it is unacceptable to devide psyche from body considering that there are two "polarities" in constant dynamic connection, centrally, through neurohormonal centers in hypothalamus and hypophysis or periferally, through active matrix. Every colour and sound, as specific frequent paterns, can be connected with specific psycho-emotional states. As thoughts represent certain frequency patterns, with therapeutic usage of colours and sounds, pathological patterns could be changed, based on the principals of physical interferences, and their negative influence on normal functioning of the body could be toned down. The goal of the therapy is the re-establishment of harmony of neuro-hormonal system together with normalization of metabolism.

Audicolor therapy is one of the so called exogenous biophysical information therapy. Therapy is conducted with the program card comprising of 54 specific programs that include different indications, from neurosis, stress, shock, depression, sleep disorder up to allergies, asthma, heart, liver and kidney disturbances , chronic inflammations and pain.